Club Zaza

The definition of recharging and unwinding lies different for different people. For some, it is about the 'me' time in the library with a cup of coffee and a book in hand. For some, it's about having the best time with friends. For some, it can be sitting beside the pool and seeing the sun set or relaxing their tender muscles in the spa. And for some, it is about working out and boosting their energy at the gym.

The exquisite Clubhouse at DB Pride, is the perfect escape for you to retreat. Adorned with all the modern functionality and design, you have a space for your entertainment, fun, relaxation and bonding time all under one roof.

** All club amenities are proposed.
Club membership is optional on payment.

DB Pride

Club Highlights

Say hello to a nonstop life at DB Pride. Seamlessly connected so that you get there faster. Serviced 24x7 so that life does not come to halt. Sensationally packed with amenities so that you can enjoy life. And suitably priced so that you can live your dream.

Homes with Nonstop Enjoyment.